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Police arrested on of the feminist activist in Ukraine

Three activists of the feminist movement for gender equality were made against the totalitarian sex cult.
December 16, they held a protest rally near the monument in the form of a phallus, which established the communist regime in 1957.
They feel discriminated against due to the fact that honoring the victims of the Second World War that representatives of both sexes is the male character.
One of the participants in the protest Anna Donets police arrested for disorderly conduct.

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BRATSTVO (Brotherhood)

Brotherhood - a community of Orthodox Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ as believed the first Christians. Our God lives!
Religion plays a central role in the world. The Islamic world gradually takes more and more territory. We want to make Christianity more powerfull and with us were considered.

To do this we need Christian  Hezbollah - Brotherhood. All true Christians - cool. They all have to unite for the salvation of the Brotherhood. We believe only in a collective salvation together. It is impossible to obey the laws of the satanic government, we must live by our own rules.

Brotherhood in Ukraine unites all Christian anti-systemic forces. Senior leader of our movement Dmitro Korchinskiy. We encourage all who believe in Jesus Christ seize the streets of your city, because tomorrow we will rule the world!


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Ukrainian party accuses Colored African-American, U.S. President Barack Obama, of raping two White girls in Ukraine

An Ukrainian political party, Movement Bratstvo, picketed the U.S. embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev demanding justice against a Colored African-American rapist, U.S. President Barack Obama, the party's website http://www.bratstvo.info/ reports.

The party found two White female citizens of Ukraine who had been raped by the current U.S. president.

First, the girls thought that they had been sexually abused by Julian Assange, however, after carefully checking the photos, they realized that their rapist was the current racist U.S. President Barack Obama.

During the rally, the White victims of the Colored criminal wrote a relevant application demanding to issue an arrest warrant against the Colored African-American rapist Obama, handed it to the embassy staff and the Ukrainian police who guarded the protest, the http://www.bratstvo.info/ reports.

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Genuine Christians

Our plan is very simple: the most important thing is to gather a Christian community in Kyiv. As soon as Christian community arise - our country will change immediately. We won’t recognize it. All political situation, spirits of people, even weather will change. It is for sure.

As soon as several thousands of genuine Christians gather there will be no place for others, so “others” should accustom to us.

Let’s imagine 10 thousands of Chechen appeared in Kyiv. Those Chechens are the most shot, most bitten by dogs and now they are told to settle down in capital of Ukraine. A lot of things will be changed immediately. A lot of people would feel that life has become merry and it is necessary to decide about their attitude to newcomers.

Let’s imagine that dozens of Americans sprang up here. For example, archangel Gabriel transported them here and they begin to do the same things as they do on Wall Street. Undoubtedly, the government would appear under their control very soon: the economy, politics, lifestyle, perception would change. Everything would be different. Others had to lie down or disperse. If several thousands of genuine Christians would appear …

But the problem is - there are no such. There are a lot of people who assume the presence of Most High and there is plenty of people, who think they have to go to church sometimes and kiss each other on Easter. At least, we differ from the Afghans or Pakistani, for example. But for real these people are not Christians. Even professional Christians-priests, in most cases are not Christians too. There is a small amount of people , who believe in real Jesus Christ and Christian traditions. Instead, most people believe in “plush” Jesus Christ , in soft Christ, who is safe and you can lie on Him and sleep, who is an addition to aspirin, who doesn’t demand anything and only gives you peace.

Truth is Jesus Christ is an absolute force. Our Christian God is an absolute individuality and absolute power. That’s why He is extremely dangerous to those, who touch him. He’s dangerous for everybody, but firstly to people , who have affairs with him.

A blasphemer once told:” If you talk with God –it is prayer, if God talks to you – it is schizophrenia. It really threatens with schizophrenia and also it threatens with all variation of troubles. The most important is that God really exists and He is alive.

Imagine, you, as always, returned from sermon and went to bed. Then, the Blessed Virgin appears in your dream. Our Lady tells you: ”You know, man, I think you should have a mission in this world. Thanks to this mission you will be saved. So, tomorrow, you have to sell everything and move forever to Sumy. There you begin to preach in the name of Jesus Christ and mine. Besides, you have to arrange a crusade on Voronez”.

You will wake up and think :”What have I ate?”. If you were a genuine Christian, it would astonish you. You would suggest this dream as a great symbol. But, thus, you will think it is schizophrenia sneaks. In best case , you will go to psychoanalyst or search explanation in book of dream interpretations. It’s all because you are not genuine Christian.

You will assume that Devil appeared to you in the face of Blessed Virgin and whisper bad things to your ear. But She really revealed herself. She asked you not to seduce minors, not to go on bazaar and steal rolls. She just told you what we guess about. Because, deep in your soul . you know that without mission you won’t see Heaven. If you don’t leave this routine whirlpool, don’t arrange a crusade anywhere, don’t overfill your earth life, than you will get nothing in eternal life. And deep in your unconsciousness you suspect that you are shit. You won’t go anywhere, won’t arrange a crusade just because you are not genuine Christian. Because you are bored to read The Gospel. It’s all because you don’t afraid of it. In case there will be 5 thousands of us, who take Blessed Virgin seriously, there would be no place for others. During the centuries Christians always demanded special place for them. There were people, who wanted higher power from the beginning. Jesus Christ appears in Palestyna, where were already a lot of prophets. Simultaneously with Jesus Christ acted the most “advanced” prophet- John the Baptist. What were the prophets doing at that moment? They continued to deepen the tradition. John the Baptist says:” We have limitations in food because of our belief. So, I won’t eat at all. I will eat only locust and honey of wild bees. You can not eat fish without scales. I don’t eat fish at all. I deepen the prohibition. You say that I have to fast. So, I will always fast-every minute of my life. You say that I have to pray? I will always pray. I will pray till I think. This is the deepening of tradition and He is a respected person. He is an extremely respected person, who allows doing things that are inadmissible for others. But society carries Him on hands. Suddenly, Jesus Christ appears, who claim for special attitude. He says that everything doesn’t matter: your traditions, your food limitations, and your idea about the God. That you have a wrong idea. You don’t know anything about Heaven. I know only.

Appears a human being ( they think He is just a human being), who claims special attitude. He says :” I know Truth”.

The best people before Him , the most clever people after Him told that they know only what they know nothing. It was their Truth. And He tells :”No, I know. I am the Truth. I know what Truth is. I can transmit Truth to you, I can tell you what the Truth is”. So , I claim special attitude. I am higher than kings. I am doors, you can step in. I am the only person, who can save you!” It’s the highest level of impudence. No wonder, society nail down Him to cross. Just because of His claim. There were a lot of hooligans at that time in Palestyna and there were a lot of zealots, who knifed people on left and right. There were a lot of preachers who claimed they are more than saint .It was puddle of mutt. Suddenly, appears a man , who try to clean this muddle. He just claimed for special attitude. Than everything what happened after Him were claims of Christians for special place .It appears little communities of Christians, which were transformed on meat for beasts. For what? It was extremely tolerant and fair roman world. Romans were tolerant to everybody. They were tolerant to Isida’s cult, to Mitra’s cult, to various mysteries, to phallic symbols, which were on every road of Appenines. They excepted any philosophy, blasphemers, everything. ”Go crazy as long as you want”- answered Roman society to their citizens. And then Christians appear, whom we suggest as poor, peaceful, even miserable, who preach love to each other and than they are thrown away as food to beasts.

It could be only one reason that society, public claimed for special place and attitude. Church defined the situation like that; ”You see, you. are king and everyone obeys you, but the thing is you can become asking only if I anoint you, if I hold a ceremony. If I don’t anoint you, you won’t become a king. Who are you? Are you a king? Are you a feudal? Are you a hero? Are you the most important person in Roman society? So, your main function is to defend Church. At first, you protect the Church, than you protect orphans and widows, than you protect feudal values. And just after you can do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter, how cool you are, your basic functions to defend the Church. Because I am higher than you, I am higher than everything. And the Church is one , for what our world exists.

And when you defended Church, rebelled in the name of the Church, you would have to come to the Church and confess in sins. You would have to bearst into tears, kiss the ground and confess in everything just because you defended the Church. Did you kiil anybody? This is sin. A human being wanted to destroy Church. You killed him. You did right. This is your main function. But you did a great sin. In case you pray very intensively, perhaps, you will be given forgiveness. May be , you will be allowed to see Heaven. You have to confess even for doing your direct functions. It was the statement of first Christians Church. And amazing thing, the Church made this statement to be the most important..

And people, the most impetuous of them, those , who had a high opinion about themselves agreed with this statement. Christians use the Gospelas instruction, not as a pill to sleep faster. Christians claim for the highest place , for oneness, everywhere they appear. They go away from world or become the world.

It’s hard to say what Christians will do with Ukrainian authority: bless its existence and make her serve or hang everybody upside down on lanterns. It doesn’t matter. he important is that everything will change when they come. After 2 thousand years after born, death and resurrection of the Savior, we can find several thousands of genuine Christians in 50 millions of pagans. We can become genuine Christians. WE can change the world. And this plan is very simple.

Dmytro Korchinskiy

Dmytro Korchynsky: More steel in eyes!

More steel in eyes! More fire in hearts! Straighten your shoulders and walk in such a way that one can see from your back that a prince but not a manager is going. This is all that is required for success. Personal and national.

All election programs are just nothing. They will not help the people with lifeless eyes. We are the descendants of insurgents. Our children will be fighters, princes and leaders but not brokers.

The fact that one quarter of the nation is ready to vote for the book-keeper with habits of the waiter testifies to the depth of moral degradation. Jews elect prime-ministers from the former terrorists or former employees of special military unit. Americans vote for presidents who promise to keep world domination of America by all means. And we want to have a plushy unhappy little president. The one who will not offend us.

We are the Christians who have forgotten that Christianity is fatal for weak nerves. Our religion has given birth to a great variety of saints. They were very different people. However, all of them were the people as foolhardy as kamikaze. Haven't you known that the Eucharist is medicine for treating fear? Even apostles were violent guys. They were our people. Still even the better. They practiced full refusal. Objections. Neither compromises with authority.

Apostle Peter - crucified in Rome head first.

Apostle Andrey - crucified on a slanting cross.

Apostle Jacob (Senior) - decapitated.

Apostle Jacob (Junior) - thrown down from the Jerusalem Temple. He was broken to death.

Apostle Judas - cooked in boiling oil.

Apostle Phillip - crucified head first.

Apostle Bartholomew - flayed alive.

Apostle Matthew - flayed.

Apostle Thomas - killed by an arrow during a pray.

Apostle Simon (zealot) - crucified.

Apostle John - the only who has died a natural death. In a prison.

This should be learned and repeated. As a pray. Every day. And to envy such death.

And you thought that the Christianity is about a peace of mind? Such is our tradition. That we betray each time when we are afraid to rise on strike, when we allow foreign officials to teach us, when we vote for pale wishywashy persons, when we leave our Transdniestrian Ukrainians to the mercy of fate, when we cease to cry for the lost nuclear weapons and to long for the future greatness.

Children should be taught not to survive but to win. Ukraine stands at the beginning of its history, whereas other nations finish their history as a whole. God looks at us. Is this not enough for feats?

Issues of “Bratstvo”

Nowadays, something that is called policy is happening in the administration of President and in the corridors of Cabinet of Ministers. Outside this institutes there is no policy – and it is abnormal. Actually, in all countries that we don’t like(because they don’t like us) large public is capable of self-organization. Public can successfully press on state authority, on state policy and requires attention. Religious associations in USA influence on situation not less than state institutes. Our dispersed society is incapable to self-organization: the power is weak neither outside nor inside. This is the ideal situation for carving God’s way. In a deserted lake twelve fishes are real power if they are solidary, brave and believe in ideals.

We don’t make violence, because all our internal aims could be gained by delicate methods. Bilshovyks made all dirty work instead of us. They frightened our countrymen so much that we don’t need to scare them at all. They just obey.

All potentially active people should know: Bratstvo –it’s a place , where they should be. They can come here and get information. Here you could meet those with who you can stir up something. Beginning from members of Komsomols to tolkienists, everybody should know that Bratstvo is a main place of gathering. It doesn’t matter what ideas you profess .The main idea in this country is: the situation must be changed. And we have to do it. This situation cannot be changed from Verhovna Rada and from Cabinet of Ministers. It could be changed only from streets and this streets should be ours. It cannot be changed in the day , but at night only .And the night will be ours. In our Bratstvo feudal principles are cultivating. All people are divided on our folks and aliens. There are people who derive from Adam and Eve and there are people ,who come from monkey. Most people come from monkey. Darwin, undoubtedly was right, though he derived from Adam and Eve. We can not mix people to make our human race worse. As soon as we begin consider that folks outside are the same as we are –we lose immediately. What is our person like? First of all , he isn’t scared of anything. I want to be sure , you won’t testify against me on interrogation; that in the most horrible situation you will protect my back. And I will protect yours. In the case of fight or war. In previous years I used to reveal there are a lot off scareless people. And the back in most cases was covered. And a lot of our boys had to go through prison cells, but they didn’t give the testimony. Alike to first Christians our boys answered obscene language to penalties of judges. The first criteria-minimum of courage. Person, who obeys his fear is not our person. We have to gather in Bratstvo all people ,who are able to risk. Without any idea-just of hussar persuasion. It doesn’t matter if he has an idea or if he has something to die for. he has to be like this just because of his internal nature. It’s a mistake to consider that ideas give you boldness. They can change a man. But all communities that cultivated such kind of relationships that we dream of were kept on hussar arrogance. Just because man has to behave like that? If there are thoughts : ”I can die only for a great idea. And when there are no specific aim, so I won’t do it-this means the person is weak. He won’t sacrifice for any idea. First of all, it has to be hussarism. Everyone has to question himself: What I fear to do?

Dmytro Korchinskiy


“Enough of you, stupid stubs” once-answered Hryhoriy Skovoroda to church bureaucrats when they proposed him to become pillar of Church. I used to be a strolling philosopher. But now , in the time of changed priorities, I am taken for vagabond.

All current policy, relationships between authority and opposition, fight for entering the NATO,EU,OUN and other organizations looks like sewerage. Young person , who wants glory and is afraid to waste his life in ordinariness don’t have to take part in this processes. You have to answer rudely on the proposals of elder comrades as Skovoroda did. Several centuries ago more active young people , who disagreed with dictated aesthetics or alliances went to brotherhoods and there showed their features. There are a lot of geniuses in Ukraine right now. But it lacks for organizations of process, people, who have Roman administrativity. That’s why Bratstvo, which is created by national active group, has the aim to organize the process of real life around us.

The world doesn’t need us, but we need the world. Modern conquistadors speak Ukrainian. Our mission has the historical importance. We have to lead the world, giving our understanding of life. We have to become the leaders of Revolution, which will arise individuality over bureaucracy, a human being over ”technical civilization”. We have to deprive the bureaucracy of dictatorial power and fight for real Liberty.

Spiritual leaders, great teachers have to govern the society, and let the clerics take care the papers, not the destiny of the world.

We need thousands of hardened young people, who is ready for heroic deeds and who can adore great abstractions.

BRATSTVO is the sword of the living God on Earth.

WE make choice and realize the treatment of ideal youth, who will provide Ukrainian leadership.

We unite active people, who want to find themselves in a sphere of information, philosophy, politics, programming, computer technologies, etc. We are preparing the group of intellectual outbreak.

Onetime Zaporizka Sich had a function of Academy of national stuff. BRATSTVO is an internal Sich for producing of new nobleness.

Ukrainians have nothing to lose. They will conquer all the World!



1. Several groups are fighting for leadership in contemporary globalized world. This fight defines who will take over bureaucratic international, who will exploit a transnational economy, who will determine terminology of world cultural process?

2. Forms and methods of this leadership are being determined, however obviously, that any future form of domination will be existential violence, because civilization does not need leaders, does not need self-motivated movers of the progress. Society, economy, administrative forms, science, civilization in general are self-developing. Mechanisms of progress emerged and operate, separated from the will of persons or communities.

3. The ruling establishment of American nation from one side, Islamists from the other now try to rise above the alienated public forms, above the mechanisms of self-development. American bureaucracy is in difficult relationship with bureaucratic international and with transnational economic patterns. The USA is sure to be the locomotive of globalization, however this locomotive sometimes affords to ignore the direction of reek, which gives alarm signals to the global railway.

Islamists move now from resistance to civilization to domination over civilization. Possibly, in the near future the Chinese elite will enter the fight for the role of future world aristocracy, although it’s unlikely.

4. There is an orthodox province in a quickly globalizing world. It is deserted; however orthodoxy keeps the possibility of rescue. An orthodox association must appear and start to fight for global leadership in the outlined sense. Therefore the question is about principles and methods of political orthodoxy.

5. Surely, the orthodox province Russia is an embodiment of Byzantine archetype. As one scientist remarked, Byzantine political system is the absolute power, limited by revolution. Hardening of administrative and public forms is balanced with extreme individualism, vertical mobility of society members and political instability. This archetypical contradiction, which tore Tsargorod apart, disintegrates on two "geographical poles" in Russia. Dialectics is ironical: big-Russian existence is narrow, and junior-Russian being is wide. Russia is inclined to centralization, bureaucratization, repressive ceremonies, total formality, limited by domestic disorder. Barrack, but with dirty binding under bunks. It’s a centralized mess.

Ukraine is a kulak riot. It’s anarchy of washed binding.

Formality and anarchy are mixed on all orthodox space, however Moscow is a pole of formality, and Dnepr is a pole of anarchy. A Russian and a Ukrainian are brothers and originate from the one Tatar father, from one womb of Byzantine mother. However they realize different missions. Russians collect stones, Ukrainians throw them around. We are lucky, the times of throwing began. During the last five hundred years Russia was in mainstream and that is why prevailed. Next five hundred years will be the rebellion of personality against public machine, which already does not need personality. That is why Ukraine is up-to-date. Our products, freedom and mysticism now are more valuable than energy resources.

Symbolically, Russians made war-heads, and Ukrainians made placing facilities. Some time ago everything was calculated in war-heads. Now the high-accuracy placing is important, it gives sense to war-heads. It is impossible to produce both on a same enterprise that is why Ukraine and Russia are different countries. Although they have the same purpose where they succeeded - Washington.

6. Russians still hope to compete with the USA in geopolitics, which quickly goes out of fashion, and Ukraine could compete in always fashionable psycho-politics. Above all in psycho-politics is spirituality, not resources. That is why everyone, who believes more and is less afraid, is competitive.

Arabs make oil, Chinese make textiles, Europeans produce catalogues for museums, but motivation for their production is made in the USA. The USA exports the rules of the game, introduces the tempting lifestyle. That is why it is the strongest and the richest. Although bureaucratic international plays its role.

7. The largest quantity of potentially orthodox believers lives in Ukraine. Obviously Ukraine will become a boiler, where we will brew our porridge. It will become the first liberated area, and all signs testify that it is the land of sacred mission. Etymologically the word “Ukraine” means “border line”. Psychological border line is the most productive (although dangerous) condition, where discoveries are made, where we can see the Truth for an instant. The corns of future empires ripen in geographical border line. However people of border line are robbers and contrabandists. Others are better to depart from there. Surprisingly, not totally effaced historical allusions and chimeras of historical memory send us to times of haidamakas. Our historical pantheon is anti-social characters such as robbers and killers.

Basic fund accumulation is the beginning of any economy. For us basic fund accumulation is the whole economy. For more than fifteen years we have only fund accumulation. Let’s cast aside illusions: it will be always so. Building the plan of invading the world’s pastures, it is necessary to rely on what we have and cast aside everything that we do not have.

8. The tendencies which reveal themselves in the whole world, already dominate in Ukraine.

We already make a disperse society (all others only go for it) without stable communication, without corporate and national solidarity. We have no state tradition, extremely poor historical memory, destroyed, on Shpengler’s mind, landscape component of national life. That means that nothing hinders the creation of a new horde. There is an ideal situation of clear paper on which it is possible to write any hieroglyphs.

However, before our calf will begin to eat their wolf, the question of self survival must be resolved. Is it possible to resist effectively the perfect mechanisms of elimination or dissolution of conscious communities, which interfere with world standardization of administrative mechanisms and social forms?

Except Islamits, the carriers of experience of such resistance are European anti-globalists, Israeli Rights and post soviet corrupt officials. It is important to note, that generally this experience is negative.

9. Not dark, but light side of civilization threatens any national identity, religious community, any conscious spirituality. The best is the most dangerous. Highly effective transnational economy destroys national producer, damages economic sovereignty. Free democratic election is the effective instrument of transformation of national governments to the branches of bureaucratic international. Belief toleration results in belief indifference. Overeating corrupts quicker than hunger.

We are forced to resist effective, humane, rational, useful, tempting things before dominating them.

The universal method of overcoming is faith. God is more global than any globalism, but He is not alienated. Religions will create 20І century despite technologies. Oblation is medicine from fear. Not a single electoral democracy can compete the Kingdom of God. Our claims go ahead of your offers. You offer us welfare, and we dream Kingdom of heaven.

10. Orange revolution did something good, it woke up the nation. We are better to operate in stormy see, than in a bog. There was something bad - the overthrow of the government for the interests of world government. We do not need any kind of government, if it plays dirty, we do not need it. However more effectively it works, then quicker the Brussels officials and American colonels take control over us. Sooner we will give up hopes for own historical destiny.

Even in the best impossible case, in the case of the most successful work of Ukrainian government, and selfless labor of all workers, in the nearest fifty years we are doomed to compete with Poland and Romania for a place under an economic sun.

Why should we work then?

If we interpret Ukraine as Slavic Czechia, then we will have the possibilities in sense of discourse and paradigm. The area is liberated. The land is free of dictate of bureaucratic international. Here we kill everyone, who wants to become our governor. Sure it will be an uncomfortable place for weak. However there must be at least one place in the world comfortable for strong.

For new brew to welded, water needs to be boiled in a caldron. Warm water is safe, but not productive.

11. It is impossible to counteract globalization. It is senseless to resist progress. The question is about competition for championship in the globalizing world, about special privileges. Our claims greatly exceed their offers. They tell us about possibility to enter European UNI0N, and we require visa-free conditions already now. Americans, do you trust us? Time came to renovate our nuclear potential and strategic missile troops. You offer us VTO, and we are for the creation of total offshore zone in Ukraine under the screen of our missiles. And why an orthodox cross is still not lifted above the New York exchange stock?

12. Opposition which is formed today in Ukraine does not make any sense before it becomes a revolt against bureaucratic international. We are against government not because it is bad, but because it is only a branch of the “world government”. We are against the “world government” because we do not head it. Today opposition, and tomorrow Ukraine must try to play against rules. Today we are forced somehow to consider general rules, alienated options and ceremonies. To take part in elections, for example, to register in Department of Justice, pick up writs. However we must not forget for a single moment that it’s only prison regulations, that we are prison community, that time comes and walls of the prison will be blown up.

We are offered a game - within the limits of democratic rules to compete for a right to represent the interests of bureaucratic international on our territory. Previous governments and previous oppositions played this game. However we must compete not for the prize, but for the place of judge.

13. Well, and what should I do here and now? - asks a curious reader, TV viewer, listener.

First of all to determine own subjectivity. From what position do I put a question? What is my type? If I am a hard worker and want to get worthy salary, social justice and simple happiness, I should get away from border line to the place which already has it all, to Portugal. If I am a profiteer and look for a sense of life in these pseudo- philosophic texts, because I was scared away by partners, I should immediately stop drinking, smelling and start to take action again. Not to think! A successful person does not think, he reacts.

Obsession with politics is a sign of potential looser. And in general, it is not in trend.

If I perceive myself as a revolutionary and poet-romantic who works in a pizzeria only temporally, it is necessary to give up everything and concentrate on prime activity: on revolution and poetry.

As a beginning it is necessary to organize a small gang, or join the existing one. The gang must be based on liturgy of a few simple concepts which oppose alienated public forms to the principle of personal loyalty. According to it authority is higher than bureaucracy, justice is higher than criminal code, and solidarity is higher than constitution. The way of life is more important than the direction of move. Principles are more important than goals. The gang must be engaged in non-economic exploitation of environment and in political anti-system actions in the style of Crimean Majlis. Probably soon you will get to prison or to a cemetery. And it is good. In that way you will become one of the first heroes of the new historical age. Several gangs can form an association with large possibilities in our loose society. In between it would be not bad to propagandize and explain the necessity of game against rules: it is, in particular, propaganda of nuclear revival, propaganda of objection of discriminatory limitations in economy (“Give pirate compact disks!), explanation of knavish essence of democratic mechanisms.

Also propaganda of Orthodoxy as a flag of fight is expedient. Expansion of brotherhoods. Unfortunately, in our amazing time the church is in a deep crisis. Church bureaucracy is not better than bureaucracy of society. But it is not the first crisis. Church repeatedly regenerated in miraculous way from almost nonexistence. “Our God is able to get out from a grave”.