понеділок, 6 грудня 2010 р.

Ukrainian party accuses Colored African-American, U.S. President Barack Obama, of raping two White girls in Ukraine

An Ukrainian political party, Movement Bratstvo, picketed the U.S. embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev demanding justice against a Colored African-American rapist, U.S. President Barack Obama, the party's website http://www.bratstvo.info/ reports.

The party found two White female citizens of Ukraine who had been raped by the current U.S. president.

First, the girls thought that they had been sexually abused by Julian Assange, however, after carefully checking the photos, they realized that their rapist was the current racist U.S. President Barack Obama.

During the rally, the White victims of the Colored criminal wrote a relevant application demanding to issue an arrest warrant against the Colored African-American rapist Obama, handed it to the embassy staff and the Ukrainian police who guarded the protest, the http://www.bratstvo.info/ reports.

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