пʼятниця, 10 грудня 2010 р.

BRATSTVO (Brotherhood)

Brotherhood - a community of Orthodox Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ as believed the first Christians. Our God lives!
Religion plays a central role in the world. The Islamic world gradually takes more and more territory. We want to make Christianity more powerfull and with us were considered.

To do this we need Christian  Hezbollah - Brotherhood. All true Christians - cool. They all have to unite for the salvation of the Brotherhood. We believe only in a collective salvation together. It is impossible to obey the laws of the satanic government, we must live by our own rules.

Brotherhood in Ukraine unites all Christian anti-systemic forces. Senior leader of our movement Dmitro Korchinskiy. We encourage all who believe in Jesus Christ seize the streets of your city, because tomorrow we will rule the world!


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