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Dmytro Korchynsky: More steel in eyes!

More steel in eyes! More fire in hearts! Straighten your shoulders and walk in such a way that one can see from your back that a prince but not a manager is going. This is all that is required for success. Personal and national.

All election programs are just nothing. They will not help the people with lifeless eyes. We are the descendants of insurgents. Our children will be fighters, princes and leaders but not brokers.

The fact that one quarter of the nation is ready to vote for the book-keeper with habits of the waiter testifies to the depth of moral degradation. Jews elect prime-ministers from the former terrorists or former employees of special military unit. Americans vote for presidents who promise to keep world domination of America by all means. And we want to have a plushy unhappy little president. The one who will not offend us.

We are the Christians who have forgotten that Christianity is fatal for weak nerves. Our religion has given birth to a great variety of saints. They were very different people. However, all of them were the people as foolhardy as kamikaze. Haven't you known that the Eucharist is medicine for treating fear? Even apostles were violent guys. They were our people. Still even the better. They practiced full refusal. Objections. Neither compromises with authority.

Apostle Peter - crucified in Rome head first.

Apostle Andrey - crucified on a slanting cross.

Apostle Jacob (Senior) - decapitated.

Apostle Jacob (Junior) - thrown down from the Jerusalem Temple. He was broken to death.

Apostle Judas - cooked in boiling oil.

Apostle Phillip - crucified head first.

Apostle Bartholomew - flayed alive.

Apostle Matthew - flayed.

Apostle Thomas - killed by an arrow during a pray.

Apostle Simon (zealot) - crucified.

Apostle John - the only who has died a natural death. In a prison.

This should be learned and repeated. As a pray. Every day. And to envy such death.

And you thought that the Christianity is about a peace of mind? Such is our tradition. That we betray each time when we are afraid to rise on strike, when we allow foreign officials to teach us, when we vote for pale wishywashy persons, when we leave our Transdniestrian Ukrainians to the mercy of fate, when we cease to cry for the lost nuclear weapons and to long for the future greatness.

Children should be taught not to survive but to win. Ukraine stands at the beginning of its history, whereas other nations finish their history as a whole. God looks at us. Is this not enough for feats?

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