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Issues of “Bratstvo”

Nowadays, something that is called policy is happening in the administration of President and in the corridors of Cabinet of Ministers. Outside this institutes there is no policy – and it is abnormal. Actually, in all countries that we don’t like(because they don’t like us) large public is capable of self-organization. Public can successfully press on state authority, on state policy and requires attention. Religious associations in USA influence on situation not less than state institutes. Our dispersed society is incapable to self-organization: the power is weak neither outside nor inside. This is the ideal situation for carving God’s way. In a deserted lake twelve fishes are real power if they are solidary, brave and believe in ideals.

We don’t make violence, because all our internal aims could be gained by delicate methods. Bilshovyks made all dirty work instead of us. They frightened our countrymen so much that we don’t need to scare them at all. They just obey.

All potentially active people should know: Bratstvo –it’s a place , where they should be. They can come here and get information. Here you could meet those with who you can stir up something. Beginning from members of Komsomols to tolkienists, everybody should know that Bratstvo is a main place of gathering. It doesn’t matter what ideas you profess .The main idea in this country is: the situation must be changed. And we have to do it. This situation cannot be changed from Verhovna Rada and from Cabinet of Ministers. It could be changed only from streets and this streets should be ours. It cannot be changed in the day , but at night only .And the night will be ours. In our Bratstvo feudal principles are cultivating. All people are divided on our folks and aliens. There are people who derive from Adam and Eve and there are people ,who come from monkey. Most people come from monkey. Darwin, undoubtedly was right, though he derived from Adam and Eve. We can not mix people to make our human race worse. As soon as we begin consider that folks outside are the same as we are –we lose immediately. What is our person like? First of all , he isn’t scared of anything. I want to be sure , you won’t testify against me on interrogation; that in the most horrible situation you will protect my back. And I will protect yours. In the case of fight or war. In previous years I used to reveal there are a lot off scareless people. And the back in most cases was covered. And a lot of our boys had to go through prison cells, but they didn’t give the testimony. Alike to first Christians our boys answered obscene language to penalties of judges. The first criteria-minimum of courage. Person, who obeys his fear is not our person. We have to gather in Bratstvo all people ,who are able to risk. Without any idea-just of hussar persuasion. It doesn’t matter if he has an idea or if he has something to die for. he has to be like this just because of his internal nature. It’s a mistake to consider that ideas give you boldness. They can change a man. But all communities that cultivated such kind of relationships that we dream of were kept on hussar arrogance. Just because man has to behave like that? If there are thoughts : ”I can die only for a great idea. And when there are no specific aim, so I won’t do it-this means the person is weak. He won’t sacrifice for any idea. First of all, it has to be hussarism. Everyone has to question himself: What I fear to do?

Dmytro Korchinskiy

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