середа, 1 грудня 2010 р.


“Enough of you, stupid stubs” once-answered Hryhoriy Skovoroda to church bureaucrats when they proposed him to become pillar of Church. I used to be a strolling philosopher. But now , in the time of changed priorities, I am taken for vagabond.

All current policy, relationships between authority and opposition, fight for entering the NATO,EU,OUN and other organizations looks like sewerage. Young person , who wants glory and is afraid to waste his life in ordinariness don’t have to take part in this processes. You have to answer rudely on the proposals of elder comrades as Skovoroda did. Several centuries ago more active young people , who disagreed with dictated aesthetics or alliances went to brotherhoods and there showed their features. There are a lot of geniuses in Ukraine right now. But it lacks for organizations of process, people, who have Roman administrativity. That’s why Bratstvo, which is created by national active group, has the aim to organize the process of real life around us.

The world doesn’t need us, but we need the world. Modern conquistadors speak Ukrainian. Our mission has the historical importance. We have to lead the world, giving our understanding of life. We have to become the leaders of Revolution, which will arise individuality over bureaucracy, a human being over ”technical civilization”. We have to deprive the bureaucracy of dictatorial power and fight for real Liberty.

Spiritual leaders, great teachers have to govern the society, and let the clerics take care the papers, not the destiny of the world.

We need thousands of hardened young people, who is ready for heroic deeds and who can adore great abstractions.

BRATSTVO is the sword of the living God on Earth.

WE make choice and realize the treatment of ideal youth, who will provide Ukrainian leadership.

We unite active people, who want to find themselves in a sphere of information, philosophy, politics, programming, computer technologies, etc. We are preparing the group of intellectual outbreak.

Onetime Zaporizka Sich had a function of Academy of national stuff. BRATSTVO is an internal Sich for producing of new nobleness.

Ukrainians have nothing to lose. They will conquer all the World!


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