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1. Several groups are fighting for leadership in contemporary globalized world. This fight defines who will take over bureaucratic international, who will exploit a transnational economy, who will determine terminology of world cultural process?

2. Forms and methods of this leadership are being determined, however obviously, that any future form of domination will be existential violence, because civilization does not need leaders, does not need self-motivated movers of the progress. Society, economy, administrative forms, science, civilization in general are self-developing. Mechanisms of progress emerged and operate, separated from the will of persons or communities.

3. The ruling establishment of American nation from one side, Islamists from the other now try to rise above the alienated public forms, above the mechanisms of self-development. American bureaucracy is in difficult relationship with bureaucratic international and with transnational economic patterns. The USA is sure to be the locomotive of globalization, however this locomotive sometimes affords to ignore the direction of reek, which gives alarm signals to the global railway.

Islamists move now from resistance to civilization to domination over civilization. Possibly, in the near future the Chinese elite will enter the fight for the role of future world aristocracy, although it’s unlikely.

4. There is an orthodox province in a quickly globalizing world. It is deserted; however orthodoxy keeps the possibility of rescue. An orthodox association must appear and start to fight for global leadership in the outlined sense. Therefore the question is about principles and methods of political orthodoxy.

5. Surely, the orthodox province Russia is an embodiment of Byzantine archetype. As one scientist remarked, Byzantine political system is the absolute power, limited by revolution. Hardening of administrative and public forms is balanced with extreme individualism, vertical mobility of society members and political instability. This archetypical contradiction, which tore Tsargorod apart, disintegrates on two "geographical poles" in Russia. Dialectics is ironical: big-Russian existence is narrow, and junior-Russian being is wide. Russia is inclined to centralization, bureaucratization, repressive ceremonies, total formality, limited by domestic disorder. Barrack, but with dirty binding under bunks. It’s a centralized mess.

Ukraine is a kulak riot. It’s anarchy of washed binding.

Formality and anarchy are mixed on all orthodox space, however Moscow is a pole of formality, and Dnepr is a pole of anarchy. A Russian and a Ukrainian are brothers and originate from the one Tatar father, from one womb of Byzantine mother. However they realize different missions. Russians collect stones, Ukrainians throw them around. We are lucky, the times of throwing began. During the last five hundred years Russia was in mainstream and that is why prevailed. Next five hundred years will be the rebellion of personality against public machine, which already does not need personality. That is why Ukraine is up-to-date. Our products, freedom and mysticism now are more valuable than energy resources.

Symbolically, Russians made war-heads, and Ukrainians made placing facilities. Some time ago everything was calculated in war-heads. Now the high-accuracy placing is important, it gives sense to war-heads. It is impossible to produce both on a same enterprise that is why Ukraine and Russia are different countries. Although they have the same purpose where they succeeded - Washington.

6. Russians still hope to compete with the USA in geopolitics, which quickly goes out of fashion, and Ukraine could compete in always fashionable psycho-politics. Above all in psycho-politics is spirituality, not resources. That is why everyone, who believes more and is less afraid, is competitive.

Arabs make oil, Chinese make textiles, Europeans produce catalogues for museums, but motivation for their production is made in the USA. The USA exports the rules of the game, introduces the tempting lifestyle. That is why it is the strongest and the richest. Although bureaucratic international plays its role.

7. The largest quantity of potentially orthodox believers lives in Ukraine. Obviously Ukraine will become a boiler, where we will brew our porridge. It will become the first liberated area, and all signs testify that it is the land of sacred mission. Etymologically the word “Ukraine” means “border line”. Psychological border line is the most productive (although dangerous) condition, where discoveries are made, where we can see the Truth for an instant. The corns of future empires ripen in geographical border line. However people of border line are robbers and contrabandists. Others are better to depart from there. Surprisingly, not totally effaced historical allusions and chimeras of historical memory send us to times of haidamakas. Our historical pantheon is anti-social characters such as robbers and killers.

Basic fund accumulation is the beginning of any economy. For us basic fund accumulation is the whole economy. For more than fifteen years we have only fund accumulation. Let’s cast aside illusions: it will be always so. Building the plan of invading the world’s pastures, it is necessary to rely on what we have and cast aside everything that we do not have.

8. The tendencies which reveal themselves in the whole world, already dominate in Ukraine.

We already make a disperse society (all others only go for it) without stable communication, without corporate and national solidarity. We have no state tradition, extremely poor historical memory, destroyed, on Shpengler’s mind, landscape component of national life. That means that nothing hinders the creation of a new horde. There is an ideal situation of clear paper on which it is possible to write any hieroglyphs.

However, before our calf will begin to eat their wolf, the question of self survival must be resolved. Is it possible to resist effectively the perfect mechanisms of elimination or dissolution of conscious communities, which interfere with world standardization of administrative mechanisms and social forms?

Except Islamits, the carriers of experience of such resistance are European anti-globalists, Israeli Rights and post soviet corrupt officials. It is important to note, that generally this experience is negative.

9. Not dark, but light side of civilization threatens any national identity, religious community, any conscious spirituality. The best is the most dangerous. Highly effective transnational economy destroys national producer, damages economic sovereignty. Free democratic election is the effective instrument of transformation of national governments to the branches of bureaucratic international. Belief toleration results in belief indifference. Overeating corrupts quicker than hunger.

We are forced to resist effective, humane, rational, useful, tempting things before dominating them.

The universal method of overcoming is faith. God is more global than any globalism, but He is not alienated. Religions will create 20І century despite technologies. Oblation is medicine from fear. Not a single electoral democracy can compete the Kingdom of God. Our claims go ahead of your offers. You offer us welfare, and we dream Kingdom of heaven.

10. Orange revolution did something good, it woke up the nation. We are better to operate in stormy see, than in a bog. There was something bad - the overthrow of the government for the interests of world government. We do not need any kind of government, if it plays dirty, we do not need it. However more effectively it works, then quicker the Brussels officials and American colonels take control over us. Sooner we will give up hopes for own historical destiny.

Even in the best impossible case, in the case of the most successful work of Ukrainian government, and selfless labor of all workers, in the nearest fifty years we are doomed to compete with Poland and Romania for a place under an economic sun.

Why should we work then?

If we interpret Ukraine as Slavic Czechia, then we will have the possibilities in sense of discourse and paradigm. The area is liberated. The land is free of dictate of bureaucratic international. Here we kill everyone, who wants to become our governor. Sure it will be an uncomfortable place for weak. However there must be at least one place in the world comfortable for strong.

For new brew to welded, water needs to be boiled in a caldron. Warm water is safe, but not productive.

11. It is impossible to counteract globalization. It is senseless to resist progress. The question is about competition for championship in the globalizing world, about special privileges. Our claims greatly exceed their offers. They tell us about possibility to enter European UNI0N, and we require visa-free conditions already now. Americans, do you trust us? Time came to renovate our nuclear potential and strategic missile troops. You offer us VTO, and we are for the creation of total offshore zone in Ukraine under the screen of our missiles. And why an orthodox cross is still not lifted above the New York exchange stock?

12. Opposition which is formed today in Ukraine does not make any sense before it becomes a revolt against bureaucratic international. We are against government not because it is bad, but because it is only a branch of the “world government”. We are against the “world government” because we do not head it. Today opposition, and tomorrow Ukraine must try to play against rules. Today we are forced somehow to consider general rules, alienated options and ceremonies. To take part in elections, for example, to register in Department of Justice, pick up writs. However we must not forget for a single moment that it’s only prison regulations, that we are prison community, that time comes and walls of the prison will be blown up.

We are offered a game - within the limits of democratic rules to compete for a right to represent the interests of bureaucratic international on our territory. Previous governments and previous oppositions played this game. However we must compete not for the prize, but for the place of judge.

13. Well, and what should I do here and now? - asks a curious reader, TV viewer, listener.

First of all to determine own subjectivity. From what position do I put a question? What is my type? If I am a hard worker and want to get worthy salary, social justice and simple happiness, I should get away from border line to the place which already has it all, to Portugal. If I am a profiteer and look for a sense of life in these pseudo- philosophic texts, because I was scared away by partners, I should immediately stop drinking, smelling and start to take action again. Not to think! A successful person does not think, he reacts.

Obsession with politics is a sign of potential looser. And in general, it is not in trend.

If I perceive myself as a revolutionary and poet-romantic who works in a pizzeria only temporally, it is necessary to give up everything and concentrate on prime activity: on revolution and poetry.

As a beginning it is necessary to organize a small gang, or join the existing one. The gang must be based on liturgy of a few simple concepts which oppose alienated public forms to the principle of personal loyalty. According to it authority is higher than bureaucracy, justice is higher than criminal code, and solidarity is higher than constitution. The way of life is more important than the direction of move. Principles are more important than goals. The gang must be engaged in non-economic exploitation of environment and in political anti-system actions in the style of Crimean Majlis. Probably soon you will get to prison or to a cemetery. And it is good. In that way you will become one of the first heroes of the new historical age. Several gangs can form an association with large possibilities in our loose society. In between it would be not bad to propagandize and explain the necessity of game against rules: it is, in particular, propaganda of nuclear revival, propaganda of objection of discriminatory limitations in economy (“Give pirate compact disks!), explanation of knavish essence of democratic mechanisms.

Also propaganda of Orthodoxy as a flag of fight is expedient. Expansion of brotherhoods. Unfortunately, in our amazing time the church is in a deep crisis. Church bureaucracy is not better than bureaucracy of society. But it is not the first crisis. Church repeatedly regenerated in miraculous way from almost nonexistence. “Our God is able to get out from a grave”.

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